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The big leagues of Clash of Clans is no doubt TH10 on TH10, where timing is important, spell drops can’t be missed and hero abilities can bring home the stars.

Honestly, in most cases, you can’t even think about three-starring a TH10 — assuming it has a legitimate, symmetrical base design, all TH10 defensive units and some decent upgrades. Grabbing two stars is a success, and executing a GOWIPE correctly can do just that.

There’s no doubt that you need at least two freeze spells, and the best combination is two freezes, two rages and one jump. Equally important is luring and killing the defensive clan castle before starting the attack. After all, there’s no worries with running out of time when you are going for two stars.

Here’s the army composition:

3 golems (one in CC with a giant if possible)

2 pekkas

2 witches

14 wizards

2 giants (to lure the defensive CC)

2 hogs (to lure the defensive CC)

6 wall breakers

18 archers

Barbarian King

Archer Queen

2 freeze/2 rage/1 jump (spells)

I’ve never found a defensive CC that can’t be lured. For those tightly tucked, hard-to-reach CC’s, you simply need to bring one giant and four hogs (drop a wizard and an archer to make room) to kill off a defensive unit and ride into the base. But for this post, let’s assume it isn’t a difficult lure, and that dropping two giants first followed by two hogs will pull the defensive CC.

To find a good spot to drop the giants and hogs, simply tap the defensive CC before starting the attack, after which a translucent ring will show the lure perimeter. Obviously, drop the two giants and two hogs in a spot that will at least have the two hogs run into the perimeter.

The idea behind bringing two giants and two hogs is that the giants, being dropped first, will pull aggro and provide some mini tanking for the two hogs, who will jump over the walls and into a defensive CC perimeter. These four troops will last long enough to draw the entire defensive CC in most cases.

After the CC is lured, pull the troops to the side that you want to start your attack by dropping one archer at a time until they are bunched together on the outside of the base’s walls. The best starting point is typically one that is closest to only one of the infernos, meaning you can freeze that one inferno early in the attack and your troops won’t be hit by the other one immediately.

Once the CC troops are clumped together, drop your CC if it has a golem and a giants; if not, drop one of your golems. The defensive CC troops will immediately attack the golem, which has tons of health and provides great aggro. Immediately after dropping your CC/golem, drop a few wizards around the defensive CC troops to kill them off. You will notice that none of the defensive CC troops will attack your wizards, which is the key to this lure and kill because it saves troops.

After a few seconds, you can drop your other golems along that same side, slightly spread from your first golem so that they draw the attention of other defensive units. Drop the remaining wizards along the side to blow up the exterior buildings.

Blowing up the exterior building is important to be able to control your main troops, which will be dropped next after the wall breakers. Just lay down all of the wall breakers where you would like to go into the base in a single file line. Immediately after that, drop your pekkas, witches and heroes.

By now, you haven’t used a spell yet, but this is when you want to drop a rage on your primary troops. Remember, always lead your troops with your spells; don’t be the noob who drops spells directly on top of the troops. Now is also a good time to drop a jump on the middle rows of walls where your troops are, so that they can get to the middle. Pretty much immediately after that, freeze the nearby inferno. This should all be done in succession, or else your troops will be melted by that inferno.

Your troops will now be blasting their way into the middle of the base, hopefully wiping out that first inferno. Drop another rage on your main troops and freeze the other inferno. Don’t forget to keep an eye on your heroes, whose health might be low by now, meaning it’s time to hit their ability and milk some extra mojo from them. Missing the abilities is the biggest noob move in Clash of Clans — DON’T DO IT!

In many cases, you will get 50%+ and the Townhall without using the remaining archers in your army. But you should have at least 10 remaining from the original 18, and those 10 archers could prove clutch if you need a few extra percentage points. There is normally a few exterior buildings on the opposite side that you can pick off with a good archer drop, one that is far enough from any defensive unit to be hit and good enough to slowly-but-surely knock out a few buildings.

The TH10 GOWIPE attack is arguably the most-effective attack in the game, especially if you have gnarly 25+-level heros. You really only need 10+-level heros to pull this off, assuming you have some maxed out troops.

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