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Jones & Associates, PLLC is a full service law firm for both business and individual interests in Chattanooga and other areas in Tennessee.  We have 20 years of  experience,  representing corporations, insurance companies and seriously injured individuals.  We have also have expanded into Conservatorships, Adoptions and Divorce.  If you have a legal issue, please call us first and immediately.  If the statute of limitations runs before you file your lawsuit, then you have no legal recourse. During the initial stage of our investigative process, we will develop a realistic budget that takes into consideration the known facts.  Budgets are immediately revised in the event that unforeseen circumstances occur.


We do not stop until there is some resolution to your problem.  We have been on both sides of the picture, and we know what both sides think.


We provide legal explanations and suggestions; however, our clients make the ultimate decisions.  We realize that most people and businesses would prefer to avoid protracted litigation.  However, if the chances of winning are greater than inefficient settlement, then we are prepared to argue the trial and appeal any adverse verdicts.  

W H A T   W E   D O

Perhaps the greatest attribute of Jones & Associates, PLLC  is our commitment to communication.  We return all telephone calls and emails within twenty-four (24) hours.  Our clients’ interests in efficient litigation are at our foremost concern.  If a particular case must be tried in court, or even appealed, we explain the particular legal reasons that lead us to that conclusion.  If trial presents complications and increased exposure, then we develop several different settlement strategies to choose from.


We have cases in the Hamilton County Circuit Court, the Hamilton County Chancery Court, the Hamilton County General Sessions Court , the Hamilton County Juvenile Court and all courts in Bradley County, Tennessee


We are forty (40) minutes from the Tennessee Aquarium and the Chattanooga Lovell Field Airport.  

Mr. Jones, predecessor law firm, Jones & Associates, PLLC,  was founded in June of 2011 by Kent Thomas Jones.  Mr. Jones graduated from the George Washington University National Law Center and has twenty (20) years experience working in corporations, private practice, both as a Managing Attorney and Senior Partner for a large, multi-state law firm, and two (2) years of personal firm ownership.  He has tried over 100 cases and argued dozens of appeals before the Tennessee Supreme Court and a couple of cases before the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals.  We have cut risk and exposure for hundreds of businesses.  Further, we have secured compensation to individuals who would have had no chance without legal representation.


The practice areas of Jones & Associates, PLLC  have expanded from Collections, Workers’ Compensation Defense and General Insurance Defense to Premises Liability, Automobile Accidents, Pharmaceutical Products Liability, Insurance Coverage, Child Custody, Juvenile Proceedings, Consumer Protection, Distressed Lending, Business Lending, Corporate Formation, Employment Law, Asset and Liability Transfers, Wills and Trusts and Appellate work.  

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Law is order, and good law is good order.

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